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Welcome! You are the newest worker bee in the hive. You just woke up, your head is as fuzzy as your body, and your siblings are beckoning for you to join them. You follow and they lead you through to the heart of the hive - the dance floor! The world is new and strange, you don’t know your own name yet, but you think you might know a bit about dancing...

In this game you'll learn your hive’s secret dance language, explore your world, make animal friends, and harvest pollen for your hive. This is a sweet, relaxing game to play on a rainy afternoon while journaling and doodling.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
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AuthorButton Kin Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbees, journal, Singleplayer, solo, Solo RPG, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$2.95 USD or more

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I spent hours playing this game. 🐝 it was so relaxing and cosy. 

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In "Bumbling" you play a bee venturing out into the world, discovering new sources of delicious nectar, which you draw into little hexes.
Back in the hive you tell the others all about it by dancing, which is a fun little memory mini-game. Who wouldn't want to wiggle one's butt and waggle one's wings?

"Bumbling" is a very cute approach to hex crawl / map drawing games. The rules are very well written and easy to follow.

I played "Bumbling" during a very difficult time and your butt wiggling bees helped me escape from reality and let me enter their little world, at least for a while. Thank you for that!

yoooo is very goood gane love it 

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Really fun and relaxing game! I enjoyed it very much. I played with a friend, so we were two bees instead of one. The game lasted us 3 sessions of 2 hours each. Highly recommend! 


Super fun and relaxing game! I have really enjoyed playing it. I've got a 30 or so minute video of play here: 


I love this. Thank you so much for playing and for taking the time to share!

Sooo cute. I'm really looking forward to downloading this and trying life as a bumble bee for an evening.

will you put it on steam? 

This game concept sounds adorable. Would you consider sharing a community copy with me to try using with my students and my journaling experiment for the coming year? I can promise reviews after use! Thanks!

Sure! Here you go: https://buttonkin.itch.io/bumbling/download/SbWUpYzl_L0CB4pJjRkZdPqrode_tOiX0gnX...

Thank you so much! I’ll let you know how this adventure goes. 


how did the adventure go? have you gotten to try it out yet?

This is such a cute, chill game! I wasn't sure where to start but I just started exploring! It's such a cute game.  Thank you! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


So I was reincarnated as a bee, so what?


I recently did a live flip through of Bumbling. This video includes other games, but I have it timestamped for Bumbling. Bumbling is a well-organized and well-formatted game that offers a relaxing way to build a map. I'm sorry for how inept I am at pronouncing the author's name! 


Bumbling is more of a guided map-drawing activity, in a bee-dance-guided fashion. You can form a small narrative as you go, and journal if you wish. As you play you'll fill up a map with the areas around the hive, and you can imagine friendships with the animals nearby if they direct you to flowers. Other bees can be directed to flowers you find, with a light memory mini-game.

It's a very mellow activity.


Bumbling is a solo RPG about bees. You play as a busy worker bee exploring the world, making friends and collecting pollen. Very appropriately, the map is drawn in hexes.


Bumbling is an adorable game, i had a wonderful evening exploring the area around my hive and collecting honey.

Here is a short video review i made about it:


This is a sweet and relaxing way to pass a couple hours of a summer afternoon. The game is more focused on the logistics of exploring and learning your hive's dance language to get your hive full of honey, with some outlet for journaling if you want. There aren't additional rules to enforce specific ways of playing either; you're very free to set your own goals as opposed to trying to optimize via skating close to the limit of some hypothetical set of stricter rules. 

I used graph paper to draw hexagons on (there's a simple way to do this folks can google, even if it results in slightly tall hexagrams) and an abacus to count up the honey cells instead of the scoresheet.

I like that I have both this and "I'm a Bee" (which has much more focus on journaling) for all my bee rpg needs.

The game looks amazing! Is there any chance I could get the full version PDF in black and white? I love the art and examples, but plan to print it on my B&W printer. Thank you!


Hi Matthew! Thanks for your kind comment. I've uploaded a low color version of the game for b&w printing. Enjoy!

Thank you, I really appreciate that! While I was waiting—and due to an abundance of obsessive energy—I did a quick layout for B&W that can be printed booklet style. I have absolutely no intention of redistributing your work, but if you'd like me to share the files with you, I'd be happy to send them over for you to check out. 

Oh wow, I’d love to see them! 

Sounds good! How can I get them to you? If you want you can DM me on Twitter (@mrmatthew) or email me (matthew@gravelyn.com).

DMed and gave you a follow 😎