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You just crash landed on a strange planet. The dust is still settling as an emergency transmission crackles through your smouldering comms unit from a remote lunar outpost. Mayday! Mayday Do you read me? A World-Devouring Space Vacuum has been sighted traveling through our galaxy!

Not to be confused with the vacuum of space, which is mostly harmless, the Space Vacuum has been sucking up entire worlds and peoples, pooping out bad takes and fake apologies. Now it’s heading straight towards your home planet, Hackathon. It’s up to you, the Alien Car-Bots from Space, to defeat this monster and save your world.

Unfortunately you just lost a big battle with your sworn enemies, the Badroids. Taken by surprise and badly outnumbered, you were only able to escape by faking your own destruction and exploding your spaceship - parts of which are now scattered across an unfamiliar star system. You must get them back if you want to defeat the Badroids and defend your home from their new leader - the World-Devouring Space Vacuum. Yes, that’s right: the bad guys teamed up while you were reading this! 

A game definitely not inspired by any corporate IP or badass animated movies form the mid 80s about car-shaped robots. 


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